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Halloween in Los Angeles 2022

Have a spooky Halloween in Los Angeles in 2022

Los Angeles parties in Halloween are must-attend occasions. Everyone is displaying their best costumes, the weather is perfect, and the sun sets at the perfect time for amazing photo opportunities. Let us help you plan the most epic Halloween activities in Los Angeles.

WHERE: The places range.

WHEN: Various times

trick-or-treating with the best treat of all: booze! The Halloween club crawl scene in Los Angeles is renowned for its daring crowds and for visiting the city's trendiest places. Prepare to travel downtown to explore nightclubs and bars that perfectly capture the energy of this beachside state.

Unsure how to dress up this year? Check out our Halloween dress code to assist you when choosing your contest-winning costume.

WHERE: 4908 York Boulevard, The York Manor

WHEN: Oct 15 – Oct 31 between 6:15 PM and 11 PM

Getting impatient for Halloween 2022 to start? Neither can we! At Vaughan Hall, get the party started early with a spooky evening filled with hip artisan cocktails, mysterious experiences, and late-night eats. Follow the ghost stories and plot threads that haunt the grounds as you make your way through the hallways. Put on a costume that is reminiscent of ancient royalty or elegant clothing for the special occasion.

Shake Your Bones at The Gasoline Party

WHERE: Los Angeles, CA, 1735 Vine Street

WHEN: Oct 29 10 PM – Oct 30 2 AM

Dress up and dance the night away at the best reggaeton night that is being hosted by Avalon Hollywood! With 15 years of expertise, this monthly party series knows how to bring the most groove-worthy classics to the main stage. Catch Gasolina events all year long across the nation if you still want to dance after the Halloween celebrations are over.

Ball Out at Shaqtoberfest

WHERE: Long Beach, 1126 Queens Highway

WHEN: Sep 30 6:30 PM – Oct 31 11:30 PM

Set sail for Shaqtoberfest 2022 on the Queen Mary. This celebration will include themed beverages and snacks, spooky trails to explore, and other enjoyable activities motivated by Diesel's bombastic personality. With all the things to do, it's simple to turn afternoons into enjoyable evenings filled with food! Catch Shaq's voice as he guides you through your Halloween escapades in Los Angeles between six eerie locations.

WHERE: 1714 N Las Palmas Avenue

WHEN: Thursday through Saturday 5 PM – 2 AM, Sunday 5 PM -12 AM

Want to see a show and have dinner? One of the spookiest ways to celebrate Halloween in Los Angeles is at this cocktail bar. Acrobats and dancers are among the many variety acts that Beetle House presents in a breathtaking assortment of performances in both their indoor and outdoor areas.

WHERE: The locations range.

TIMES: Various

Visiting Sin City for Halloween? For everyone, a Halloween night on the town in Vegas may look different, but one thing is certain. It's a good night when you spend it club-hopping! For a day to night excitement in Las Vegas, look into alternative year-round activities like pool crawls and others.

For the top Halloween events in Los Angeles 2022, there is only one business to depend on. Epic Club Crawls puts on the events that showcase the best of the cities they live in, for every kind of adventure seeker. If you want to experience spooky nights out in Los Angeles County, reserve a club crawl experience online. Happy spook-ing!

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