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All Crawl Guests Must Sign to Participate

This is an important legal document containing the terms and conditions of joining this event.

Please read carefully and sign. 

Epic Club Crawls, LLC

REFUNDS. Participant may cancel any ticket purchase and obtain a refund, provided such  request is made in writing at least thirty (30) days prior to the crawl event, no exceptions. Furthermore, tickets may not be resold, or used for advertising promotion or other commercial  purposes, without EPIC's express written consent. CANCELLATIONS. Epic reserves the right to cancel any crawl event. Upon such cancellation,  Participant shall be entitled to a refund. Participant shall not be entitled to any additional  damages beyond the refund of the ticket. EPIC reserves the right to alter and/or shorten any  crawl event as it deems necessary in its sole discretion. Any alteration of any crawl event,  including any shortening of any crawl event, shall not constitute an event cancellation and shall  not entitle Participant to any refund or other damages whatsoever. 

ID REQUIRED. Participant must be 21 years old or older with a valid ID to join any crawl event. Acceptable IDs include USA driver's license or identification cards, and passports. Military IDs, foreign driver’s licenses in non-English language, expired IDs and photocopies of IDs are not accepted. Epic Club Crawls, LLC ("EPIC") is not responsible for Participants being denied entry due to insufficient identification. 

DRESS CODE. Dress Code is strictly enforced for all Participants. Upscale/cocktail attire is required for club crawls (shorts and sneakers are not allowed for men), swim attire is required for pool crawls (athletic wear, large bags and towels are not allowed), and smart casual for Fremont Street crawls (athletic-wear not allowed). Ultimately, Dress Code is decided by  individual venues and their security team. Click HERE for more details on the Dress Code. EPIC is not responsible for Participants who are denied entry due to Dress Code violations. 




DUTY TO REMAIN WITH GROUP. Participant agrees to arrive timely at the crawl event at the  designated venue. If Participant fails to arrive timely, Participant may be denied entry to the  venue and shall not be entitled to any refund of the ticket. Participant must enter with the group in order to receive the benefits and perks of the crawl event, including, but not limited to entry to nightclubs or drink specials. Participant must remain with the group at the designated venue until the end of the crawl event or forfeits the right to rejoin. It is the responsibility of the Participant to be aware of the times the group is leaving for the next venue and to leave with the group in order to continue participation in the crawl event. When the group arrives at the last venue of the crawl event, the crawl event shall be completed and EPIC shall owe no  additional duty to Participant.  DUTY TO COMPLY WITH RULES. Participant agrees to observe all rules and directions  provided by EPIC and its staff. Participant agrees to observe all rules and directions provided by  each venue. Participant agrees to comply with all federal, state, and local laws and statutes.  EPIC reserved the right to remove Participant from the crawl event for non-compliance.  Removal for non-compliance shall not entitle Participant to any refund.

ASSUMPTION OF RISKS AND RELEASE OF CLAIMS. Participant understands the crawl  event presents certain risks and the Participant must take due care at all times. Participant  expressly assumes all risk incidental or inherent to the crawl event, whether occurring prior to,  during or subsequent to the crawl event, including but not limited to the following: 1) the risk of  intoxication of Participant, other participants or third parties leading to careless behavior and  injury; 2) the risk of physical altercations with other participants or third parties leading to injury; 3) the risk of mugging or other intentional tort by other participants or third parties leading to loss of property and/or injury; 4) the risk of getting struck by vehicles or other moving objects while in an EPIC vehicle, at a particular venue, or traveling between vehicles and venues leading to injury; 5) the risk of the food, cannabis, beverages, or any other substances consumed by the Participant during an event causing allergic reactions or exacerbating known or unknown health issues of the Participant. The Participant hereby releases EPIC, and any other associated parties, including its directors, officers, members, partners, owners, affiliates, employees and agents from any loss of property or injury caused by the incidental or inherent risks of the crawl event and releases EPIC and any other associated parties from any and all claims arising from the incidental and inherent risks associated with the crawl event. 

Some of EPIC's crawl events include transportation, including, but not limited to, a party bus,  limo or uber. Participant understands that if they vomit, get sick, or cause any damages to the  vehicle, they will be held responsible for the full amount of damages. For example, if Participant  vomits on a bus, the cleaning fee typically starts at $500.00, depending on the severity of the  incident. 

ASSUMPTION OF INJURY. The injuries potentially caused by the incidental and inherent risks  explained above can include, but not limited to: Cuts; bruises; muscle, tendon and/or ligament  strain or sprain; dislocated, twisted, strained or sprained joints -- including but not limited to  ankles, knees, shoulders, wrists or back; burns and/or abrasions; concussions; broken bones  and/or teeth; eye injuries; paralysis; partial or permanent disability; brain injury; dismemberment; and/or death. 

RIGHT TO USE IMAGES. Participant grants EPIC the right to use any image of the Participant in any live or recorded video display or any transmission or reproduction of the crawl event. All rights to broadcast, record, photograph, reproduce or recreate the crawl event is reserved by EPIC. Participant agrees not to take any action, or cause others to take any action, which would infringe on the rights under this clause against EPIC. Any images or sound recordings Participant takes during the tour with personal cameras, videos or audio equipment must only be used for private and domestic purposes and Participant agrees that they will not sell, license, broadcast, publish, or otherwise commercially exploit them and in particular make available any footage, sound recording or series of still pictures taken at the event on the Internet.

OTHER ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS. Participant agrees they are responsible for their own  safety and for the safety and security of their own property brought to the crawl event.  Participant acknowledges EPIC or any venue to be visited as part of the crawl event may  refuse the Participant entry or remove Participant for either non-compliance with venue rules  and directions or if Participant interferes with the enjoyment or safety of other participants or  patrons at any venue or during any portion of the crawl event.  Participant acknowledges EPIC has no claims or interest in any venue included in the crawl  event and that EPIC has no responsibility for the Participant's actions or any actions of the venue, the venue's employees or agents.  By participating in the crawl event, Participant subscribes to EPIC's email and/or text message  advertising campaigns. Participant acknowledges the purchase of the crawl event ticket constitutes their acceptance of the terms and conditions of this agreement. If this ticket was purchased on Participant's behalf, Participant warrants that the purchaser acted on Participant's behalf and that Participant accepts the above terms. If Participant purchased this ticket on behalf of other members of a group, Participant acknowledges they acted as the group's agent and has the authority to accept the terms and conditions of this ticket on behalf of the group.  By participating in the club crawl event, Participant hereby acknowledges that they have read, understood, and agreed to the above terms and conditions.

Initial here to acknowledge understanding of refund & cancellation policy

Initial here to acknowledge understanding of required identification

Initial here to acknowledge understanding of assumption of risk and accountability of liability of any damage

Thanks for submitting!

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