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From an epic daytime Halloween Hollywood Bar Crawl that grants you exclusive access to food, drink, and event specials from over 10 venues on Hollywood Blvd, to nighttime club crawls that take you to the best nightclubs in LA! We got you covered!


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Join our host for check-in at the specified location on Hollywood Boulevard (location to be revealed) from 2 pm to 7 pm. Receive a wristband and a map detailing 8+ participating venues and their specials. Your wristband grants you access to all these exclusive perks. Enjoy the flexibility to bar hop at your own pace from one venue to another!

Self-Guided Crawl | 2pm-12am


🎃 Free entry to all participating venues (8+ venues)
🎃 Exclusive drink and/or food specials at all participating venues

🎃 Promo code for 20% off our Halloween weekend Hollywood Club Crawl or Downtown LA Club Crawl

🎃 Hollywood Scavenger Hunt

DATES: October 31st 2024

TIMES: 2PM to 12AM

PRICES: Starting at $25+ per person 


👻 Free, express entry to 3-4 Hollywood venues
👻 Drink Specials (at select venues)
👻 Private Party Hosts 
👻 Photos of The Crawl

DATES: October 30th & 31st

November 1st & 2nd 2024 

TIME: Start time 9:00pm

PRICES: Starting at $55+ per person

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Embark on a night of spooky Halloween delights along Hollywood Boulevard. Discover the finest LA nightclubs with complimentary entry, exclusive drink specials, and exceptional party hosts! To start this Halloween Los Angeles Club Crawl connect with your hosts at the first Hollywood venue mentioned in the lineup; they will lead you through all the exciting venues. Stay informed about upcoming weekend lineups by visiting our website every Tuesday.

Guided Crawl | 9pm Start

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DATES: October 30th & 31st

November 1st & 2nd 2024 

TIMES: Start time 9:00pm

PRICE: Starting at $55+ per person

Indulge in this Los Angeles Halloween Club Crawl with free entry, exclusive drink specials, and VIP party hosts! Join your hosts in downtown LA at the first venue on the lineup, where they'll lead the group through all the destinations. Stay tuned for upcoming weekend lineups by checking our website every Tuesday.

Guided Crawl | 9pm Start


💀 Free, express entry to 3-4 Downtown LA venues
💀 Drink Specials (at select venues)
💀 Private Party Hosts 
💀 Photos of The Crawl, free entry to up to 4 Venues

What venues will we go to?

We work with many major Nightclubs (and many of the bars and lounges) in Los Angeles! Some favorite nightclubs we work with: Sound Nightclub, Ballet Hollywood, Station 1640, Sunset Room, Revel, Exchange Nightclub, Elevate Lounge, Reserve Nightclub and more! Check the line up on our site which is posted Tuesday every week to see exactly which locations a crawl will visit.

What is the dress code?

Los Angeles dress code will depend on what type of venues you are visiting. Review our dress code blog. for more information on dress code for nightclubs!

Will we need to pay any cover charges at venues?

Nope! Entrance to all the venues we visit is incuded in your ticket. You will never have to pay cover charges with us!

Who should we plan on tipping?

Tips will not be included in your package price, they will be paid directly to your party hosts the night (or day) of your event! We always recommend 10%-20% for your party host. And don't forget to tip your bartenders!


Do you need to be 21+ years old?

Yes, all of the venues wlil require you to have a valid ID, showing that you are at least 21 + years old. Expire IDs and photo copies of IDs are not accepted by venues. International drivers license are not always accepted, so we suggest bringing a passport to be safe.


Interested in creating a custom package for just you and your friends?

E-mail us for a custom quote at

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