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Tours around the world

Millions of people take off and go traveling around the world to many destinations they have never travelled before, as a well travelled person myself I know finding good reputable companies to do tours can be very hard to find. Along our travels we have come across a few that stand out from the rest.

Below we have compiled a list of what we think are some of the best tours on offer. The tours are wide spread in category as they are for locations.


Family Tours in Rome: specialize in the incredible roman area, every single archeological site is listed on their site and allow you t take Rome and truly find the meaning behind the life of the romans.

Ever wondered about Boise and what it has to offer well believe it or not but they offer a great day riding around the city limits. With half days and full days on offer this is healthy option to see the heart of Idaho Boise.

Austin Texas Boat rentals

Float On - Lake Travis Boat Rentals & Lake Travis Boat Rentals

Do like adrenaline and water sports mixed together? Well this is for you! These guys have the best in speedboats and gear for you to hire and spend a complete day on the lake. Great prices, great gear makes them rated number 1

New Zealand has always been known for taking things to a whole new level, food and spice odyssey have only added to this reputation.

Choose one of their many options of wine or food tours around Wellington.


Well if your after some of the best known sushi in the would then these guys can literally take you to all of them. The have food tours, culture tours and many other options that allow you to enjoy the sites and sounds as a true local.


Walking tours in Reykjavik, Iceland

Your friendly Reykjavik has known being cold can really be awful to keep you warm and enjoying the sites these guys have created a brewery tour to give you a beer coat. If drinking isn’t your think then go check out their Mythical tour or food tour.

Reykjavik Food Tour is set around truly icelandic food like fermented shark and Minkie whale steak, so be ready to tick some boxes off the icelandic food check list. Reykjavik Walking Tour will take you through time and give you a crash course on Icelandic culture, come and see what makes the Icelandic people to unique. Reykjavik Pub Crawl will show you the true tast of Iceland and how the people keep boredom off, through the love of beer of course ! Icelandic Mythical Walk will show you why JK Rowling found the inspiration to write such amazing books as the Hobbit and lord of the rings. Icelanders are grown up with amazing stories about Trolls, Ghosts and Elves as they are true story tellers.

Walking tours in Prague

In Prague Land mark can take you to the Jewish quarter, new town and of course old town. There’s so much to see that only a true local can find the best spots.

Discover and learn about wines from local, boutique family operated winemakers. Experience the true taste of Slovenian wines and enjoy a behind the scenes peak into the lives of the winemaker families and their creation of decadent wines.

Grab your Slovenian cowboy hat and immerse yourself in a one-day experience of the life of a Slovenian farmer. Learn about the agriculture, livestock and land cultivation that produces delectable farm to table food unlike ever before.

Are you a beer connoisseur? Give your taste buds a tour of beers from different Slovenian regions. Become educated on must know beer facts with this expert tour.

Learn and cook authentic Slovenian recipes inspired by Slovenian grandmas’ kitchens. During your lesson you’ll have an opportunity to taste local wines and spirits and learn about Slovenian family traditions and cuisine. After your lesson, sit with your fellow classmates and enjoy the very meal you just created!

Experience the best foods and authentic Slovenian cuisine on this food tour. Learn about the Slovenian traditions, heritage and broad cuisine from different regions of the country. Dine amongst locals and enjoy the beautiful city sites.


So ever thought of trekking, well you have the opportunity to do it luxuries style in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan or India with Responsible Adventures.

So many opportunities to get lost and find your self both spiritually and literally. Of course these guys are the best and know every trek better than the back of their own hands.

The one stop shop for tours along the California coast, from private wine tasting in Paso to Hearst Castle adventures, The Wine Wrangler provides quality experiences across the board at affordable prices. The wine Wrangler specializes in small intimate groups with a service that will leave you thinking you’re apart of the family

Gourav Basnet Trekking, Cultural Tours & Biking Holidays in the Himalayas.

Trek your way through Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet or India with Mountain Kick, specializing in tours, trekking, family trips, biking trips and Volunteer Tours. With fixed departure dates and a fully planned itinerary, all that’s left to do is pack your bags on the easiest planned trip you’ve experienced.

Tanzania in Africa has many adventures to partake on. From climbing Kilimanjaro to Safaris in the Northern Highlands and lounging on the Zanzibar beaches, Haika Expedition tailors your experience to achieve your dream escape!

A river rafting experience for all to enjoy! With expert staffing and impeccable location scouting, Wiley E. Waters offers a thrilling experience that both delivers memories and the itch for more!

Offering highly competitive rates for Safaris and Climbing package tours, Jadi Africa Safaris will surely impress you. With a plethora of locations and options, you can afford to see and do it all! Just be sure to have a backup batter for all those selfies you’ll be taking!

Experience Amsterdam with personalized private tours with professional guides and create a tailored experience to your liking. Alongside your Amsterdam Odyssey booking agent, created a tailored tour that can include the city, museums, unconventional windmills, Jewish heritage or family friendly tours. Either way, your customized tour will ensure provide you with an experience unlike any other!

Explore the beauty Italy’s Lake Maggiore and mountains with customized tours from wine tasting, walking tours, trekking, to ATV’s. With knowledgeable guides and expertly planned tours, enjoy your time with Il Viaggiatore!

Experience a different side of Indonesia with a trek in Lombok. Providing a life changing experience, Rinjani Dawn Adventures has expertly curated packages that meet and exceed the expectations of travelers. Trek through jungles and waterfalls to find your new self at the end of your excursion.

A taste of Nice will provide you exactly that, a taste of Nice. Experience tours of gourmet foods, cycling tours, organic vineyards and wine tastings. A taste of Nice provides the perfect balance of epicurean delights and the beauty of Nice’s near perfect outdoors.

The best way to see Monaco’s beautiful sites is on a bike, where you can take in the fresh air and immerse yourself into the gorgeous surroundings. On an E-bike, you’ll follow your expert guide through the city and learn about the history, culture and beauty that make up Monaco.

Pub Crawl Malta provides travel goers with a fun bar hopping experience where you’ll get to meet other travelers and find new friends to party with. With even the local tourism board giving these guys a 5 star. Maltas students also get a discount if your local and us the discount card.


Providing travelers with a plethora of experiences, this is your one stop shop for Adventure activities like Scuba Diving, Luxury activities like Yacht charters, and Cultural Activities like city tours.

If you’re looking for cheap and good quality accommodation, Marco Polo Hostel in Malta is a great choice. Offering private suites and shared bunk bed rooms, you’ll find a great room that suits your needs and budget.

Want to check out the bar scene in Singapore? Let Singapore Pub Crawl do all the planning while you and many other travelers do the drinking. From start to finish, Singapore Pub Crawl has got you covered!

iOutdoor are the fishing trip experts in Florida. Offering many types of excursions for all calibers of fishermen from first timers to experts. iOutdoor will provide you the excellent service and expertise of the Florida fishing community.

Reach the peak of zen with Sunset Yoga Hawaii. Offering Yoga on the beach and jungle yoga hikes, you’ll find that aligning your chakras will be more enlightening than ever. Whether you’re a seasoned Yogi or new to Yoga, Sunset Yoga Hawaii will help you achieve inner peace in the beautiful settings of Hawaii’s amazing Islands.

Marlborough Jade tours for tours around the areas of New Zealand and to see the best wineries check out their tours. They offer both large and personal tours that meet the need of each group.

The walking parrot has everything from free walking, cultural, surf and ski lessons to crawl pub-crawls.

Pine apple tours are truly good friends of ours for many years and offer great customizable tours around the Gold Coast and mount tambourine area. Go to a winery, beach or wherever you want, just know these guys are the best in the business.

Aventourro operates hiking tours from the Czech Republic & Slovakia

Sky Rebels is probably one of the coolest on the list, its a Powered paragliding flights in located in Maspalomas, Gran Canaria, Spain. The views are incredible and the service is even better. with 311 5 star reviews and NO reviews for any other stars I think its clear they do a great job.

Well if your in Croatia and are looking for some of the best scenery available then Zadar day trips will take you across via boat on some of the clearest water you have ever seen.

They have multiple tours on option and love working with all size groups

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