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New Year’s Eve Hollywood Club Crawl ending at Sound Nightclub

New Year’s Eve Hollywood Club Crawl ending at Sound Nightclub

Get ready for an unforgettable New Year's Eve in Hollywood with our epic Hollywood Club Crawl, culminating in a spectacular celebration at Sound Nightclub! 🎉 Join us as we ring in 2024 with a night filled with exclusive perks, electrifying performances, and the vibrant energy of Hollywood. Here's everything you need to know about this sensational event:

What's Included in Your New Year’s Eve Hollywood Club Crawl ending at Sound:


  • Pre-game party with exclusive drink specials or optional OPEN BAR add-on at Daddy Diamond: Kick off the night at Daddy Diamond, the NEW Electro-Mechanical Champagne Lounge hidden in the Heart of Hollywood. Enjoy drink discounts or opt for the optional Open Bar package in a space featuring arcade games, live music, and plenty of room to revel!

  • Free EXPRESS entry to Sound Nightclub for New Years: Skip the lines and enjoy VIP entry to Sound Nightclub, one of Hollywood's premier nightclubs, for an extraordinary New Year's Eve experience.

  • 1 Free drink at Sound Nightclub: Receive a complimentary drink as you step into the electrifying atmosphere of Sound Nightclub.

  • Performance by Chris Lorenzo at Sound Nightclub: Brace yourself for an exclusive live performance by Chris Lorenzo, adding a dynamic touch to your New Year's Eve celebration.

  • VIP party hosts: Our team of VIP party hosts will be there every step of the way, ensuring a seamless and unforgettable experience throughout the night.

  • Photography of the night: Capture the memories with professional photography documenting the highlights of your Hollywood NYE celebration.

Daddy Diamonds: Hidden Gem in the Heart of Hollywood

Daddy Diamonds

Source: LA Magazine

Daddy Diamonds is the NEW Electro-Mechanical Champagne Lounge, a hidden gem featuring arcade games, live music, and plenty of space to shake your 🍑. It sets the perfect stage for an energetic and vibrant pre-party experience!

Sound Nightclub: Where Nightlife Dreams Come Alive

Sound Nightclub

Sound Nightclub was built with a simple philosophy: to bring a novel and ever-evolving experience to Hollywood nightlife. Featuring cutting-edge visual and audio technology, unique musical formats, and modern interior design, Sound Nightclub offers an unparalleled journey. With its sunken dance floor, elevated DJ booth, and cutting-edge audiovisual designs, Sound presents a modern and creative atmosphere for an extraordinary NYE celebration.The venue's modern décor, industrial touches, and state-of-the-art audiovisual and lighting designs ensure a successful and memorable event.

How It Works:

Sound Nightclub NYE

Enjoy a pre-party pregame at Daddy Diamond, where you can choose between exclusive drink specials or an optional Open Bar package for an extra splash of excitement. Once the pregame is complete, we'll head to Sound Nightclub, where you'll receive free express entry, one free drink, and an incredible performance by Chris Lorenzo! Check out our website for more details on our Los Angeles New Year’s Eve events.

Secure your tickets now for an extraordinary New Year’s Eve Hollywood Club Crawl ending at Sound Nightclub—a night that promises to be nothing short of spectacular!


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